We are a Zendesk
Advanced Partner

Back in the day, we were just a group of colleagues diving into Zendesk to streamline our teamwork. From frontline agents to savvy admins, we've come a long way.

Now, we're thrilled to announce our official partnership!

We've experienced Zendesk's full lifecycle firsthand, and with exclusive certifications and resources at our fingertips, we're here to share our expertise, best practices, and more with you.

We got you covered with:

Zendesk Licenses

We guide you to the ideal plan for your needs and budget, but why stop there? We can become your direct Zendesk solution provider.

Zendesk Success: Audits and Implementation

Across the different Zendesk products, we execute audits, training and consulting sessions, and implementation.

Overall CX Audits

Zendesk is our capstone, yet we go beyond, providing audits with a holistic perspective based on 3 pillars: People - Process - Tech.

Still having doubts? Below are some features you might (should!) be interested in implementing:


Groups and organizations, schedules, channels, views, business rules (triggers, automation, SLAs), custom fields, dynamic content, macro's, CSAT (satisfaction survey).


User segments, out-of-the-box themes, custom FAQ structure, articles based on best practices.


Phone Integration, IVR, custom greetings, rules for call repartition.


Custom dashboards and reports, KPI's analysis and optimization advisory.


Activity stream, views, leads-contact-opportunities qualification.

Simple, easy: 

Pick a plan, use it as you want

Whether you're building from the ground up or aiming to enhance your existing setup, our expertise in crafting CX programs sets us apart.

Zendesk solutions dedicated to Startups

What our customers say: